The Beefcat is on the prowl...

Hey y'all, we are Uncle Beef's Band. We are a rock and roll outfit from Denver, Colorado. While we primarily play covers of great bands like the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, The Band, Widespread Panic, and others you may or may not have heard of, we put our own twist on these great songs.

Uncle Beef's Band came to life in the fall of 2021 when bass player, James Roede, and lead vocalist and guitarist, John Marentette started jamming as a way to escape the madness of pandemic life. A few months later, Darcy Shaw, who is also a member of the bands Vox de Ville and Altaphonic, joined the jams as Beef's drummer. Soon after, keyboardist Cole Michel, also a member of Altaphonic and Ghost Revue, and his long time friend and Altaponic member, Joel Meyerson (lead guitar, vocals, joined the group. Rounding out the powerful, soulful sound are Matthew Mitchell (vocals, percussion) and Colin Anderson (saxophone).